Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

"Department of Interior and Local Government"


Generally, the Establishment of LGUs Development Database aims to educate people on the importance of Local Government as partner of the National Government in the pursuit of overall national growth and development.

Specifically, It aimed to:

  1. Establish a benchmark for planning and development purposes.
  2. Showcase LGUs potential resources for socio-economic development
  3. Monitor programs and project of LGUs
  4. Advocate LGUs capability to manage their own affairs
  5. To provide additional materials for research purposes at the local government research center (LGRC)


The DILG-ARMM is mandated to assist the Regional Governor in the exercise of general supervision over local government units, promote peace and order, ensure public safety, develop and strengthen local government capabilities to promote local autonomy, decentralization, community empowerment aimed towards the effective delivery of basic services to inhabitants of the region.



  • Section 7, Article III of the 1987 Constitution provides that people have the right to information on matters of public concern, as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development.
  • Article I, Section 28 of the Philippine Constitution States; subjected to reasonable condition prescribed by law, the state adopts and implements a policy of full public disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest.
  • Republic Act No. 10352 (General of Appropriations Act) FY 2013

  • Section 83 re: “Use and Disbursement of Internal Revenue Allotment of LGUs”… Strict compliance with Section 288 and 354 of R.A. 7160 and Full Disclosure Policy relative to the posting of local budget and finances, bids and public offerings and status of programs and projects, including the utilization of the local disaster risk reduction and management fund, in three (3) Conspicuous places in the local government unit and in the Full Disclosure Policy Portal.
  • RA 7160 or the LGC

  • Sec 287 – Submission of development plans of Local Government Units.
  • Sec 97 – Submission of the Annual Report to the Sanggunian and the DILG.
  • Sec 511 – Posting and publication of ordinances with penal sanctions.
  • Sec 513 – Failure to post and publish the Itemize Monthly Collections and Disbursements by the local Treasurer or the LCE… Penal Provision)
  • Implementing Guidelines

  • MC No. 2015-01 (DILG-ARMM-Establishment of Database For LGUs in ARMM).